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Typical Symptoms  
Discovered  [korea] 0000-00-00
 [Foreign] 0000-00-00
Type  Trojan Horse ActiveField  Android
Mobile engine needed
2011-03-31 [Able to detect & repair]

[Symptom of Infection]

1. Detection name


2. Route of Infection

Sharing/Distributing through Android market or chinese illegal market

3. Main Symptoms

It collects user's information like following, and sends them to certain server.

- User name
- Phone number
- IMEI information
- Certain server(in*orpo*ate*

It sends following message to user's phone book registered numbers.

"Hey,just downlaoded a pirated App off the Internet, Walk and Text for Android. Im stupid and cheap,it costed only 1 buck.Don't steal like I did!"

[PIC 1] Installation

[PIC 2] VRMA Real-Time detection feature

[PIC 3] Icon on desktop

[PIC 4] App executing feature

[PIC 5] Access authority code

Removal Instructions

[How to repair]

It is available to repair by the latest engine of ViRobot Mobile for Android.

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